《[XY-154] 击坠母狗》

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Dorm Life: Here's an in-depth look at dorm life at a college. Three girls going to town on one guy. I don't know what college these people attend, but apparently studying is not one of their priorities. The guy to girl ratio seems to be out of whack.Getting Wet By The Pool: So this week's submission starts off as just an average pool party. College may not teach you much, but it made one of these kids smart enough to grab his camera and start rolling. There's nothing like some hormones, tiny bikinis and peer pressure to get the party started. Soon, this innocent little pool party turns naughty and these girls start losing the bikinis and getting crazy!Strip Poker: Sometimes pulling out a camera when hanging out with your girlfriend and her friends can surely pay off, as it did for these two dudes. What they were treated to was nothing less than extraordinary. I mean, think about it, four hot chicks having a good time playing strip poker and naked billiards. It doesn't get any better than this my friends!Beach Orgy: This is a great vid! We've got four sweet honeys hanging out at the beach, showing off their asses and tits. You can tell they are all so horny, they just want to get back and fuck! When they go back to the house, it's an all out fuck fest! Guy on Girl. Morally Corrupt