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About Us

“We can change the world。”

Shenzhen Yifang Technology co.,Ltd. is a high-tech innovative enterprises, our research and development of Goodscan series of products, can quickly and accurately obtain rules (irregular) cargo volume, weight, bar code and other information.
The smart measurement algorithm is the main core of the software. It integrates technologies such as 3D measurement, computer vision, and photogrammetry to make the cargo measurement technology reach the top level in the industry;The system can also use big data analysis for logistics and E-commerce, Supermarket, warehousing, air cargo and other areas provide freight calculation, cargo placement (warehouse / loading), packing recommendations and other services.

We are committed to applying the new artificial intelligence measurement technology to the logistics field, providing logistics companies with efficient information collection services to help companies achieve a series of innovation and development goals such as reducing measurement costs, improving logistics efficiency, and logistics intelligence.
The development of logistics has greatly facilitated people’s lives, and China’s logistics costs are as high as 40% of production costs。 If we can save 1%, we’ll increase the economic benefits of $10 billion。
Imagine a scenario with mail parcels as an example:
  • The courier picks up the door and uses the GS100 to acquire the volume and then recommends the smallest package.

  • The parcels are sent to the outlets, and the GS200 completes the steps of measuring, weighing, and scanning the code at one time。 At the same time, the data is uploaded to the cloud, and cloud-based data is used to achieve information sharing of the entire logistics line。
  • During transportation, the warehouse can plan positions in advance to increase the storage rate, and the distribution center can dispatch vehicles in advance to increase the loading rate。
The accurate docking of logistics sites, warehouses, and vehicles was realized. Finally, a big data platform was built nationwide to optimize the allocation of social resources so as to realize the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the entire society.
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